What DIY Project Makes You the Happiest? – DIY Solar Project

Diy Projects

One thing I like most about DIY projects is that it can help you get more for less cost and the deep personal satisfaction you derive from knowing you did it all yourself.

There are a whole lot of DIY projects that one can embark on.

From home improvement projects, garden projects, yard projects and so many others, these projects can be beneficial, adding value to your homes or offices without costing you a fortune.

Besides, the sweet experience tens to live with you for a long time making you happy and giving you a sense of achievement.

Having done so many DIY projects, one project clearly stands out and can be said to be the one that makes me the happiest.

DIY Solar Project

This project is a DIY solar project which is the solar hot water heater and I will explain the reason why this is makes me the happiest.

This project makes me the happiest because it offers an instant gratification. Okay, let us look at it this way, do you know that as much as 1/3 of your monthly home energy expense goes to heating water?

Yours may be less but majority of the people fall in this category. IF about $500 is spent on power, this DIY project will help you save as much as a $150 going forward. In fact, the project pays itself in just few months.

This particular DIY solar project is just hassle free.

This is because the solar hot water heater is not complex. It requires just a little maintenance and can even last more than the traditional water heaters.

Apart from that, when doing the project, you do not require very complex tools to get it done.

In fact, no special tools to execute the project and even as you read this article; my guess is that you have all it takes to complete this project. There is nothing fancy here.

What else makes me happy about this DIY project? It is just easy to do with parts available and obtained from a whole lot of local stores.

Besides, no experience is needed. All you need is just the basic understanding of plumbing and wiring connections which shouldn’t be a big deal any way.

There are so many resources online which can teach you these basics and once you know them, completing the project is just simple.

Before I forget, it is fast. Note that most DIY’ers like short project that can be done without wasting time and this fall perfectly in that category.

You can start it up and complete it over the weekend.

Most DIY projects fail the reliability test but this is not one.

It is reliable, the design technology is available over the years and the local climate is never an issue.

It is being said that learning is continuous and the truth is that this DIY project gives you the opportunity to learn important solar concept which could be important when you do more complicated project in the future.

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