Top Foods To Stockpile For An Emergency

Emergencies come with little or no warning.

For example, there could be hurricane that devastates and dislodges communities or super typhoon could strike and island leaving it in ruins.

In fact, it could even be an attack by terrorist with weapons of mass destruction or an attack that shuts off power across the nation that affects transportation, shipping and anything that can cause a wide mass shortage of food.

The truth is that emergency can happen anytime and fueling your body during this period is just different from your everyday diet.

In emergencies, you will mostly need high energy, high protein foods because you are likely to expend much more energy than you would do normally.

However, remember that supply may be limited during this period and that means that the high quality food you eat and less of them to make it up, the better for you.

It is also important to talk about weight, packaging, shelf life, ease of use and other factors in case if evacuation is needed.

However, the following are some foods that you can stockpile which can help you survive an emergency.

Brown Rice:

Brown rice is said to have high calories and protein as well as other very important vitamins and minerals.

The good thing about brown rice is that it has a long shelf life being a dry, non perishable food making it one of the top foods for an emergency.

But it is also important to state that brown rice has its own downside because it is being boiled for about 30 minutes to one hour.

This is not what you want to be doing in an emergency when there may not be electricity.

For this reason, it is advisable to stock up with brown rice hot cereal instead because it takes just about 5 minutes to get cooked and it contains nutrients also.

Bulk Nuts:

When choosing bulk nuts from your grocery, it is important to go for unsalted and unshelled.

Remember that too much salt intake will make you thirsty and this isn’t good especially during emergencies.

Sunflower seeds, almonds and peanuts normally sold in grocery food section contain a whole lot of minerals and vitamins, essential fatty acids and a good amount of protein.

The good thing is that they are light weight with long shelf life. All you need do is to invest in air tight food storage containers and ensure that they are kept in cool and dark places.

Dried Beans:

Different beans types like black, kidney, garbanzo and lima beans are high in calories and protein.

It also contains the essential vitamins and minerals hence it is a good food to stockpile in case of an emergency.

Dried beans weigh less even though they come in a bigger package than canned beans.

However, the key difference is that dried beans are soaked in water for some time before eating.

Others like split beans which is also a dried beans family have a shorter soak time. In all, dried beans have a good shelf life and should be stocked for emergencies.

Peanut Butter:

This is another food that is packed with essential fatty acids, proteins as well as other minerals and vitamins.

A few spoons of peanut butter a day will help you survive a situation of limited food intake.

Note that cutting calories will mean that your food lasts longer and help you lose excess weight, making evacuation easier since you are not carrying excess pounds should the need arise.

Coffee/ Instant Coffee:

Coffee is not really a top priority but it is important. It works as a quick mood and morale boaster.

This is needed in a crisis or emergency period in order to keep alert and it is also something that could be traded in time of crisis.

Sea Vegetables:

Sea vegetables are popular food selling in food stores today because it is rich in nutrients and vitamins.

It is packaged in form of powder or pills. In fact, in time of emergency, its nutrient and vitamins will help build immunity, provide healing and tissue repairs.

Apart from that, sea vegetables have anti bacteria and anti fungal properties which could be very important in crises period.

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