Tips to Conceal Self Defense Knife

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Does it really make sense having a self defense knife and not having to use it because your attacker snapped before you could use it?

The truth is that weapon accessibility is important and a body concealment of your self defense knife is advisable.

In fact, experts say it’s futile carrying a concealed self defense knife if it can’t be accessed when needed and at the same time cannot be hidden from plain view.

One of the major benefits of self defense knives over other self defense weapons is its ability to be concealed easily from the prying eyes of the attacker.

When choosing how to conceal a self defense knife, it is important to exercise some forethought and analyze the situation carefully regarding violent encounters.

People do carry more than one knife but the truth is that in a real violent situation, the survival will just depend of accessing just a knife.

The best place to conceal a knife is debatable as there is no clear precision on the best place it can be concealed.

Unfortunately, the best place to conceal a knife is subject to proof however, some factors influence how knife can be concealed. For example, knife size, apparel choice and how the knife is designed.

Fast Access

Like said earlier, a self defense knife that cannot be accessed fast is futile to the defense of the carrier.

Whatever you think or do, fast access should be considered. It is important to note that certain apparel choices have a way of influencing how knife is concealed.

For example, as a woman, dresses, skirts and some snug fitting cloths will limit the options for concealing weapons.

Apart from that certain types of knife designs will determine how the knife is concealed. For example, Wave Knife is designed to carry clipped onto a pocket.

Do not forget that knives that are too long will be difficult to conceal. They are also difficult to access and may sometimes cause a lot of discomfort for the user.

It is important to note that self defense weapons must meet 2 goals: concealment and accessibility.

Blade Hideout

The strong side should be the weapon side from where it will be drawn. In the case of a self defense knife, clipping it to a pocket on the strong side should be a much more effective location.

On the other hand, a sheathed knife is best worn on a chain around the neck. However, when the main focus is on concealment, a self defense knife can be placed inside the waist band.

This is a good location because it is hidden from view which is one requirement of a self defense knife. Besides, the knife will remain in a secured location because the pants and abdomen form a wedge on the sheath.

Concealing a self defense knife will remain one of the focal points of and effective self defense strategy since the attacker may try to disable the holder if it is in view.

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