Survival Kits or Survival Skills?

Which is more important?

survival skills

When it comes to survival situations, many people ask which become more necessary- survival kits or survival skills.

The truth is that both are very important and complement each other in the race for survival.

The perfect blend of survival skills and survival kits makes the difference between getting consumed in a disaster situation or getting saved when it confronts you.

However, there are many survival skills to learn but does it really make much sense to try to be perfect at everything?

It is better to focus on the survival skills and kits that will matter most when disaster strikes forcing you to react in just a limited amount of time.

When disaster strikes, there are possibilities that it would require to Bug in, evacuate or bug out.

The survival skills in this situation will help you barricade yourself into your home, to flee the area at short notice to an evacuation zone or even leaving your home permanently with your truck or heading out on foot.

In all these, the appropriate survival skills would be put into work including understanding how to build an improvised shelter from the forest, bush or even hillside.

For example, if building a shelter in a post collapse world, it will mean building a shelter to defend from bad people who might may on the prey in the landscape. Apart from shelter, key priorities should also include physical needs like fire, water and food

Also, in a survival situation, navigation skill is an important knowledge.

For example, when disaster breaks out, there is a possibility that some many things can go wrong which can lead you to deviate from the original route.

Navigational skills come in handy. Your ability to read printed maps, GPS, offline maps, compass, stars, topographic maps and other navigation tools will most likely provide further chances of survival.

Let us not forget about other survival skills like shooting, hunting and trapping, finding and following game trails, getting out of zip ties, duct tapes and other restraints and the ability to camouflage yourself in the wilderness.

Remember that in a survival scenario, anything that could save your life is most welcome.

Therefore knowing medicinal plants, self defense skills, foraging, bartering and negotiations, diplomacy, basic medical skills, climbing trees and keeping the faith are skills that can be very useful.

On the other hand, survival kits would complement the skills for good result.

It is actually going to be difficult even with all the skills without some good quality kits to back it up.

Survival kits could be divided into water purification and procurement kits, fire starters’ kits, shelter tarps and cordages, first aid kits, medicine and hygiene, food gathering kits etc.

Water kits could involve purification kits, storage kits and filtration kits.

At the end of the day, these survival kits are very good way to prepare for survival in a disaster situation.

However, it is also very important to marry them with the survival skills to effectively use them for survival.

Therefore, survival skills and kits will continue to play their roles in a disaster situation.

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