Survival Kits for Animals

People normally think about their survival as they read about survival tips, learn survival skills and store up supplies but one thing most people do is to forget about their animals most especially pets.

But if a disaster occurs, you are likely not going to leave out your pets in the survival process.

However, you really need to make conscious effort to factor in your pets in this situation.

For example, some people may think that they can just give their pet human foods when it matters but this is wrong.

The nutritional needs of animals are different and they also have other considerations.

To put things in a better perspective, the following should be part of the survival kits for animals.

Pet Food:

You will need to gradually build up your pet food stock supply.

In emergency situations, you may not be opportune to find pet foods because these are one of the items that could easily disappear from the shelves.

When storing pet foods, it is important to note that canned food will last longer than dry foods and most pet foods with fat will likely turn rancid after getting past the “best buy” date.

So the best way to get around this is to get airtight containers.

Pet Treats and Supplements:

In fact, they would need this during emergencies and should not be absent in their survival kits.

The best thing to do is to have enough that could last as long as the regular pet foods in store.

Waste Disposal System:

The survival kit of animals would not be complete without a waste disposal system particularly for cats.

However, it is important that there are garbage bags, scoop, newspapers and baking soda for smell.


This is very important for survival. During crisis situations, the services of vet doctors may be limited or nonexistent depending on severity of the situation.

The medications are expected to keep the pet going. Therefore, ensure you have more than enough stocked up in the survival kit that could last till there is a chance for a vet appointment.


The survival kit for any animal should contain instructions.

This is because there could be situations where you give the pets way either for safety reasons or any other consideration.

In that case, the receiver who is going to be responsible for taking care of the animals should have a detailed instruction of how each pet should be taken care of.

This will be crucial to the survival of the animal. Therefore, it is expected that you make a list showing a well explained and detailed instruction of how each pet should be cared for.


Sometime the animals get lost in the process and you may need to find them.

It is important you keep the recent pictures of these animals in the survival kits so that it makes finding them easier.

Other items that require a mention in the survival kits for animals include pet clothes like sweaters and booth in case of extreme temperatures, record of documents especially health and vaccination records and toys to keep your pets entertained.

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