Should Survival Be Taught in Schools?

survival skills

There have been short of opinions on whether survival should be taught in schools.

Some school of thought believes that even the best schools lack the basic survival skills and are not prepared for the real rough and uncertain situations out there.

In fact, students are not really prepared for the world, they say. In as much as students need to be taught mathematics and science etc but they also need to know how to navigate through an emergency situation, basic cooking and every other essentials of life.

Yes, some say it is the parent’s responsibility to teach their children the issue of survival, however, it would make sense if the educators teach these survival skills in school and here are some reasons.

Encourages Children to Learn how to think:

It is better you believe it, children are mostly taught how to memorize information instead of being taught how to think- analyzing, reasoning, problem solving and the significance of what happens around them.

Teaching survival has a way of improving their thinking process and the way they make sense of information they find around them.

They Become Responsible:

The truth is that students will become more responsible when they start practicing survival skills.

This will make them realize that they have responsibilities for themselves and others at school, home and even at work later in their life.

For example, every person in school should be able to give first aid and this will be a good lesson to foster sense of responsibility that is required in our society.

Also, knowing how to respond when disaster strikes will ensure that they understand how to plan, manage resources and work for the benefit of themselves and others when there is a crisis.

They are More Informed:

These days, there is a noticeable lack of curiosity in class rooms.

Kids seem to be less interested in discovering things and interpreting how things around affect them. Kids just swallow everything given to them without making any move to discover how real they are by themselves.

Teaching kids about survival in school will help them develop that ability that makes them ask the right questions, improve their curiosity and allows them to explore.

These kids need to needs to have a grip of the situation around them after all, the parents will not be by their side forever to offer them protection.

Their Independence is Discovered:

Some kids have never had the opportunity to live alone except when they go to college.

Some can’t do the simplest dishes, are unaware of what to do when there is a crisis all because they have been under the shield of their parents.

Teaching survival gives them what they require to survive and become self reliant even at home. At the end, they will not need to depend on anyone but themselves.

The Whole Family Benefits:

When everyone in the home is a master in the art of survival, then the chances of surviving extreme situations is high because everybody will be able to provide maximum security for the people.

There would be confidence in the home in every situation and at the end the whole family benefits from it.

There are other reasons that make teaching survival in school worth it.

Some of them include problem solving skills, initiative and developing agility. This is the best way to improve chances of survival when the unexpected shows up.


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