Proven Navy Seal Tricks that Helps You Escape Looters

When disaster such as civil unrest, tornadoes, hurricanes, race riots, earthquake, flood etc strikes your neighborhood, it normally comes with looters who will be looking to capitalize on the carnage and break into homes of people who are unprepared.

However, you will want to be prepared in case of any eventuality so as not to appear weak and taken advantage of.

You can use the navy seal trick that can help you escape looters, protect your home and belongings.

With these tricks, you just have to be ready at anytime and for anything to protect your family.

Get Yourself Prepared:

First of all, you will need to prepare yourself. By preparation, we mean you have to get the basics stocked in your home.

Things like water, solar powered lantern, food and flash lights are very good to have at home.

The idea is that when disaster struck, you will not have any reason to go out of your home.

Remember you cannot protect your home from outside; you can only protect it staying in your home.

Going out of the street will render you unprepared and in fact, you can easily become a target rendering your home unprotected.

Get Your Home Protected:

Some would ask, how would you do this? Yes, to get your home protected, it is advisable to get a dead bolt installed on the front and back doors deep into the frame.

You have to have something that can be used as a barricade from inside the front of the door.

Get yourself a watchdog:

Remember these are dangerous times and you will need to be at an alert for possible looters.

One good way to stay alert is to get a good watch dog.

The dog will alert you when the looters come close. The dog will also serve as a defender when you are attacked.

A good watch dog will start by barking at the looters when they try to break into your home and this will alert you immediately.

Stay Disguised:

One proven trick is to make your home unattractive by disguising the home.

You home needs to be the smallest target as it can be.

In fact, looter should see it as nothing to gain from it.

You can have your car parked inside your garage and lock it up.

Avoid showing off large TV screen, gadgets and accessories through the window. In fact, if you keep a low profile, you are likely going to escape from looters.

Make a Sign:

in the midst of this chaos, you need to instill fear into the looters mind.

One way to do this is to put a sign “Looter will be shot” in front of your home.

This is a psychological trick. Looters who value their lives will take and extra look and when you bark it up with dogs as well as weapons, then it will confirm to looters that you mean business.

Be Ready for Fire:

When these disasters happen, there is always a possibility of looters causing fire down the street.

It is important to be ready to fight fire because it might spread down to your home.

Have an evacuation plan which will involve getting out with your full survival kits.

Therefore it is important to learn some survival skills.

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