How to Prepare For Terrorist Attacks

Prepare For Terrorist Atack

A terrorist attack will leave little or no warning before it strikes.

It is intended to cause a whole lot of fear and panic in the minds of the people who are under attack.

Most people today are not really paying attention to the likely hood of terror attack or even having poor situational awareness like preparing for a possible terror attack.

Maybe, they are relying of the government to protect them when it happens.

However, the good thing is that most people are beginning to get interested in preparing themselves in case of any eventuality.

The question is how can you possibly prepare for a terrorist attack so as to protect yourself and family when it happens?

Beware of Crowded Public Areas or High Profile Areas:

One of the ways to prepare for an attack when it becomes eminent is to avoid public crowded places.

It is important to keep yourself out of high profile areas that could be targeted and populated area.

Doing so will reduces the chances of being cut in between the terrorist attack.

Contingency Plan Should Be Drafted:

This is very important and should be taken seriously. In fact, you will need to develop a solid contingency plan in case of an emergency.

Choose a good meeting spot you and your family can assemble including ones that may be in school, daycare and have a backup plan if possible.

The drafted contingency plan should be known by everyone involved in order to coordinate properly.

It is important to note that much more devastating attack like a nuclear one will ground communication, land lines etc.

Having a plan in this situation will ensure you stay focused in getting your loved ones to a secured place.

Be at an Alert Mode:

This will require you to pay attention to what is happening in your environment.

Pay attention to the news, what people are saying. In the event of an attack, be sure you understand alternative routes and easier ways to get out of an area.

Remember that the whole situation will be messy; however, you will have to trust your gut.

For example, listen to your inner mind especially when something does not feel right.

Always be With Your Bug Out Bag:

Remember that it will be of no use if your bug out bag is left in your garage while you are stuck in the highway, it has to be with you always if you are preparing for a terrorist attack.

It is always advisable to keep emergency kit with you; it could come in handy when things become messy.

Stock Up Necessary Items:

Your preparation is not complete until you stock up the essentials.

Normally, there should be water, food and other essentials and a terrorist attack threat make it even more important.

You should not be running around looking for basic essentials when there is a terror attack.

Don’t be unprepared by having no stock of necessary items, it could be dangerous.

Have some Weapons:

Be equipped with some firearms but note that weapons can also be traditional bows, crossbows and knives.

Even if you do not have it, it is important to improvise.

Having weapons around you will help protect your home especially with the chaos that happens when terrorist strikes.

Remember that there may be looters who will take advantage of the confusion to make away with your important valuables.

It is important to prepare to defend your home and family during this period.

Be Calm:

Yes, it is understandable that during crisis situation, there is a tendency to panic.

The most important thing is to keep calm and access the situation properly in order to make good decision.

Preparing for a terrorist attack sounds easy but it must be taken seriously.

A good preparation will afford you the chance of survival should any terrorist attack happens.


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