How To Build Your Own Survival Rifle

Survival Rifle

The issue of survival is getting top attention among a whole lot of people these days.

This may be as a result of the present deteriorating world situation we find with us today.

People have become interested in all things that relates to survival and rifles is not left out.

A quick check on the internet about this topic shows a whole lot of resources on it but these have even become more confusing to people.

When building survival rifle, the most important thing is to think about how the situation might be.

For example, is your focus centered towards surviving a local or region wide disaster where situation can be restored at some point or an end of the world scenario?

This is because the scenario envisaged will go a long way in altering the weapon you are likely to select.

However, the most important weapon is one that you have in hand when you need it, therefore building a survival rifle is the first rule on survival.

Shotguns are good survival rifles, it is popular and boast of several aftermarket parts that can fit into it.

The addition of these parts would likely increase the gun survival value.


Let us talk about the first things first.

The shotgun can serve many purposes. It can be used as a hunting tool to replenish lost calories.

For example, in a survival situation, the absence or lack of food can lead to weakness.

One thing that is capable of replenishing lost calories is meat and it comes in different shapes and sizes.

Therefore, when building survival gun, it is a good idea to carry different short gun shells like the shot, 00 Buck and Bird shot designed for different hunting scenarios.

Apart from hunting, you have a good survival and self defense weapon in short gun.

In fact, you can imagine a scenario where the need for self defense weapon will be needed like a wilderness or urban survival scenario where you may have to defend your family from animal or man.

Signal Flares

The short orange rounds are on stock side saddle and one could wonder why.

It is important to note that they are specialty signaling flare rounds which are just designed for a 12 gauge shotgun.

One thing you must note is that these flares can be seen from miles and can fire over 300 feet.

Remember that in a survival environment, multi use products stands out and they can serve as excellent rescue signals and also start a fire.


Survival Knife

You can mount a 5” Ka-bar knife directly on a picatinny rail. It is a very good addition to your survival resources.

Since some shotguns does not have a picatinny mount, it is better to buy a picatinny rail unit and build into it in such a way that it is accessible for quick deployment.

A proper integration will make the survival task a whole lot easier.


The importance of light source cannot be over stated.

A well built light source in your survival rifle gives you a means to confirm direction as well.

You can purchase a flash light with a picatinny rail holder to be incorporated on the other side of the barrel.


Think of storage space that can house some other survival items.

In fact, you can opt for some modifications which are capable of providing additional space.

For example, standard stock can be replaced with an integrated pistol grip or stock combo unit.

The pistol grip van can be hollow which also allows for more storage space.


It is important to keep your spirit lifted at all times.

It is being said that survival is about 90% mental, therefore find inspiration and motivation for staying alive no matter the scenario or situation.

For every survival rifle you build, include some personal item that keep your spirit lifted and reminds you about what you are fighting for.

These things could be photos of your loved ones, motivational quotes, well written lyrics of your favorite songs that is meaningful and inspirational to you.

You can just have your favorite passages engraved on your survival shot gun.


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