How to Build Your Own Shed

There are so many reasons why you may want to build a shed.

It could be as a result of having so much stuff that you do not even know what to do with it and instead you think a shed will serve as a standing free storage unit.

Also, in a survival situation where you may need to store things important for your survival or even need a shelter, building a shed could just be the answer.

Building a simple and basic shed requires some plans but it is not in any way difficult.

The following step by step guide will help you build a perfect shed for your storage needs.

You Need to Know What You Need: The first thing to do is to figure out what you need.

This will require an understanding of the situation on ground and act accordingly.

In normal situations, you may require a building permit before you start construction.

If that is the case, then contacting the authorities to ask for the requirements is not a bad idea.

You will also need to know if what is going to be stored or if it is going to serve as a shelter.

Once these are known, then it becomes easier to find the materials that will be suitable for the type of shed you desire.

Get Your Shed Plan: It does not matter if you are a professional shed builder; there is a need to have a solid shed plan.

You can get shed plans in different shapes, sizes and varieties. But it is important to note that the getting the shed plan right will help you to build the shed that would meet your storage or even shelter needs without having to alter the landscape of the area.

In fact, it is very advisable to take a lot of time, study different plans and choose shed plans that are appealing to you.

Once you succeed in getting the plan of your choice, then it is important you cordon off the area it would be build and clear bushes, rocks or any other impediments found in that area.

Build Foundation and Floor Frame: The entire stability of the shed will depend on this step.

It is important to note that building a shed foundation may require you to lay gravel on the excavated site.

Therefore you must have the necessary tools at hand before embarking on this job. Then, you will have to do the frame but the good thing is that any shed plan you choose will also give you the floor framing plans , this means that you do not have to border about it.

Frame the Walls: Since you have done the foundation and framed the floor, the next logical step is to frame the wall.

Note that you need to look at the floor plans in order to be sure that the walls are in the right order.

If that is the case, frame the walls accordingly with openings for doors and windows at the required spots.

Frame the Roof: You need to properly frame the roof when building a shed. If in doubt, it is important to check the rafter template to be sure that you are cutting the patterns in a correct way.

After that, hang the rafters while separating them with blocking for a proper reinforcement.

Gable Overhang is next: You need to cut the gable wall plates now and putting the lookouts with overhang rafters ensuring that the nails face the correct way.

Sometimes, your shed plan may not have had you create your gable walls, if so; you need to create them before you continue.

Install Roofing, Fascia and Sheathing: Start covering up the “bones” of your shed gradually. Install fascia where needed, install sheathing, shingles and roof vents.

Install Soffits and Siding: These will add the finishing touches the shed.

It is very important because it gives the complete look which also helps in insulation of the shed.

It is advisable to install soffits between the rafters and avoid nailing the sidings to the doors and windows since they have not yet been installed.

Install the Doors, Windows and Trims: You can install a pre built door or build one yourself. Install hinges before the doors are hung.

You can also install a pre build windows if you want it faster.

Install the trim and give it a finished look but it can be left out if your interest is just a basic shed without trimmings.

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