How to Build a Chicken Coop

If you have decided to brood baby chicks, you will need a place where your hen will call a permanent home if you want a fresh supply of eggs.

In fact, when they turn about six weeks old, they shouldn’t be living in just a cardboard box, they will need something better.

Building a chicken coop is not a big deal especially if it is for some small flock of birds, although many do not know this.

It just takes a determined person with DIY mindset to build it.

It is just a weekend project and you do not even need an advanced carpentry skills except you are making more elaborate coops which takes weeks to build.

There are so many topics on this subject but we are going to offer a simple guide on how to build a simple and basic chicken coop you can customize according to your aesthetic tastes.

Know the Number of Chickens:

The rule of thumb states that each chicken should have at least a 4 sq ft.

Based on this, you have to design it according to the number of chickens available.

For example, 5 chickens will require 20 square feet of space. This is very important because you will not want them to be cramped up.

However, it is even advisable to make your coop a little bigger than the recommended space required for each chicken.

Plan Your Chicken Coop:

Make no mistake; you can’t be successful in building a chicken coop without an adequate planning.

Remember, the aim is to give your chickens a good home which keeps them safe and comfortable.

Therefore when planning your chicken coop, it is important to note the following

  • Choosing the right materials
  • Including a perch area for the chickens
  • Propping Coop up
  • Proper ventilation for the chickens
  • Nesting Boxes
  • Adequate Installations
  • Easy Accessibility

For example, the life of the chicken is prolonged with a well insulated coop.

This is because adequate planning will ensure that the weather conditions the chickens will face is going to be put into consideration.

Based on this, the right insulating materials will be used for the coops. Also, proper ventilation should not be taken for granted.

Like humans, chickens will also require fresh air because they can fall ill when exposed to stale air. Therefore, it is important to ensure that there is adequate flow of air with a good vent or window for cross ventilation.

Assemble Tools and materials:

When planning is complete, the next step is to start gathering the required materials and tools that would be needed in building the chicken coop.

However, you have to be careful, ensure accurate measurements are taken in order to accurately estimate the amount of materials that would be enough for the coop.

Build Your Coop:

At this point, you should start building based on the plan you made. Start with the foundation, build the frame according to measurements, outfit the interior and finish the exterior. Remember that the doors and windows would be done in the last phase of the construction.


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