How this Old Navy Seal Survival Story Brought Me Into Tears

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There are times when you are just left in tears as you hear some amazing survival stories.

There are a whole lot of survival stories to read but the story of Navy SEAL Mike Day brought me into tears.

Mike Day who was on a mission in Iraq was shot many times by Al-Qaida Terrorist in Iraq in 2007.

Although Mike Day was wearing body armor, he was not supposed to be alive since body armor was just capable of handling only one round of fire but he ended up taking multiple hits at close range.

Day who is now retired was part of the Navy SEAL and Iraqi scout in hunt of a high level al-Qaida cell on the night of April 6, 2007.

Unfortunately, Day was the first to enter the room with 4 al-Qaida terrorist already waiting to strike and this proved to be one of the most deadly day for the Navy SEAL.

According to Day,  “Upon entering the door way, they all just opened up on me. It felt like somebody was just beating me with sledge hammer”.

After the fierce gunfight, the brave Navy SEAL Day took out all the 4 terrorists in the room but was devastated with over 27 gunshots he took and grenade shrapnel that hit him.

He took hit in both his legs, both arms and abdomen. “I have kind of speculated the reason I didn’t die is because maybe I wouldn’t have gone to heaven” Day said. He then walked himself to the helicopter which took him to safety.

It is not very common to see this kind of survival stories especially one that happening deep inside enemy territories and that is why Day’s bravery did not go unnoticed.

Day having served in the Navy SEAL for 20 years is a recipient of 16 medals over the years which include purple heart, Bronze star and Silver star.

Day recovered from the physical injuries he sustained after about 2 years even though he still have to deal with constant pains and like some other veterans, he became diagnosed with Traumatic brain injury coupled with Post traumatic stress disorder as part of the invisible  wounds of war.

Day who was emotional about his injuries said “ I think the worst injuries I have seen are the ones you really can’t see” However, he has determined within him that he would never have a victim mentality as he embarked on a journey of giving back.

Mike Day has now found a role as a wounded warrior advocate for special operations command.

In one of his interviews, he bare his mind “ My Job is to improve their situation. Whether it makes they get all their benefits, make sure they get the best medical care, I just advocate for them” he said.

This story brought me into tears I never imagined.

The thought of what Day went through sent shivers down my spine.

Yes, Day actually survived and it continues to look like a miracle.


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