DIY Can Rotator

So I’ve been stockpiling for a while now until I realized there’s no more room for all the boxes of cans that I’ve been getting from sales.

And my grand kids started tripping over the boxes all day long and I’ve said to myself : I’m going to build my own damn can rotator!

While I was thinking on how to do that, the first thing that crossed my mind was the capacity.

Could It hold 1000 cans or more?

YES, I’ve found out how to do It. If you use  standard veggie cans, you can get 5 rows wide per shelf and each row could hold around 16 cans.

And you also can store at the top or under the rotator.

The second thing you should think about is how wide you want to set each row up to correspond to the size of cans you want to use on that shelf.

For example, smaller cans like tomato paste or tuna add to the capacity.

The third thing you have to do is to setup the outside row for the items you want to stock with a removable gate and stop so that you can make that row into separate rows for items you’d consider to stock less so they won’t take a full length row.

Except the ones that rotate on the outside where I split the row into two, they all load from the backend.

The tools that you need are screws, unless you want to use brad nails to attach the can stops so you can remove the stops and get them back into one row by simply reinstalling the side piece.

That’s basically to get more variety because you can store canned items you use less volume of without taking the whole row instead.

If using standard veggie cans you can get 5 rows wide on each shelf, 16 cans deep and there are 12 shelves not including the top.

So 5 x 16 x 12= 960. If you adjust your can runner widths to add smaller cans like tuna, tomato paste etc then the can capacity goes way up.

This doesn’t include the additional space on top and under where i store extra flats of cans etc.

What I’ve managed to do is get 5 rows wide on each shelf, 16 cans deep, 12 shelves, so a total of 960 not including the top shelf(if you use standard veggies cans ).

If you include the top or the additional space under, you can add extra cans .

I’m thinking about stockpiling cans with a longer expiry date in case SHTF.

Good luck with the can rotator! Believe me, it’s amazing !





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