Basic Hygiene Items to Hoard When SHTF

razor blades

There are a whole lot of things we normally take for granted in our everyday lives and are essential especially when the SHTF but unfortunately we might not get it easily.

This article looks at the basic items to hoard when SHTF for body-care.


By toiletries, we mean items like toothpaste, cotton swabs, tooth brush and floss.

Since a disaster may last for years which could limit your full access to medical and dental care, these items becomes very important for maintaining a quality dental hygiene.

While you may actually do without them after all, there is a baking soda, the truth remains that using quality toothpaste for your teeth is a different thing all together.

Feminine Hygiene:

Yes, if you are a lady you know exactly what I am talking about and if you are a man, trust me, you would not like your daughters or wife to run out of stock on these supplies.

Remember just because SHTF does not mean that natural things are going to take a back seat unless you are one of those who enjoy using rags for months.

Now, you understand why you need to hoard these supplies?

Toilet Paper:

It is important to understand that this item will be among the first to leave the shelf when SHTF.

It seems little but too difficult to ignore. When SHTF, the supply of soft rolls of toilet paper will be cut off or severely curtailed.

However, if you think that you can actually do without Toilet papers or it does not make much a difference, you can try it for some time and tell us your opinion.

You can see it a s a luxury if you wish but one thing that cannot be denied is that you will surely enjoy it if you have it.

Make no mistake, this is one of the best items to hoard, in fact, you can even trade it for something more important when it matters most. Hoard it and you will be glad you did.

Razor Blades:

Do not discard the idea of hoarding razor blades, they are very useful when SHTF scenarios.

Yes you may be able do without them but the truth is that if you would like to shave without having to sharpen up those knives, then several packets of razor blades will be worth it when SHTF.

Therefore, razor blades remain one of the best items to hoard in a SHTF situation.


Soap include laundry soap, dish soap, hand soap and any other cleaning detergent which will make your home look different without it.

However, note that these items will become luxury when SHTF as they are among the first to leave the shelves.

You can hoard soap and learn how to make your own soap. In fact, you can even go further by hoarding soap making supplies if it becomes necessary.

Hair Care Supplies:

Trust me, when SHTF, it would not stop your hair from growing or reduce the rate at which it grows.

It would still need to obey the law of nature.

You just have to groom your hair. By hair care supplies, we mean comb, scissors, replacement hair brushes, shampoo and hair conditioners.

In fact, it could even be a good idea learning how to make your own hair conditioner and shampoo since they are consumables.

But note that this is one of the best items to hoard when SHTF.

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