1 Weird Trick Native Americans Used To Make Food Last For Years

Plan for survival

In order to make a plan for the future, it’s important to ask the right questions, prepare for the right things according to your surroundings and possibilities, you should always know your limits, and who you are.

This ability to plan, know what to plan, know how to plan requires practice and imagination.

Below I will show you how I think and what thoughts go trough my mind.

I’m imagining that when a SHTF scenario kicks in I will be in need of food.

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In my opinion it’s important to know about the past, how people survived, because they had no electricity, machines and so on.

Knowing what they did and how they did it isn’t enough, we have to take those leanings and adapt them to the world that is today.

Can I do the same?

Until about 2000 BC, people in North America ate only wild foods, what they could hunt or gather. These foods varied according to the environment where they lived.

NorthTribes who lived in the far north along the coasts of the Arctic Ocean and in Alaska, ate a lot of fish and seal meat, and gathered seaweed.

Answer:  It would be very difficult for me because of the cold weather, but I think I could survive on fishing.

I would hope that the fish population isn’t extinct due to poaching or excessive fishing. I will need the proper knowledge about fishing.



In the south-west, the people ate cactus fruit and pine nuts, and hunted rabbits and birds for meat. The people who lived in the Rocky Mountains and the Great Plains, like the Blackfoot, the Sioux, the Ute, and the Navajo eat a lot of buffalo meat.

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They dried and smoked the buffalo meat so they could eat it for a long time after a hunt, making beef jerky. Ute and Paiute people also ate a lot of pine nuts, which they gathered from the trees, and sunflower seeds.

Answer:  In this terrain I sould know something about backtracking, foraging, have a good understating of what is edible and what is not, how to make the necessary hunting equipment.

Only after I would have gained some hunting skills and knowledge I would go for the buffalo, because in a survival situation there is no room for error.


On the East Coast the tribes there ate venison (deer meat) and fish, and also pigeon and turkey and rabbit. Sometimes they ate bear, which was important even though it was hard to get, because it had a lot of fat, and the deer and fish didn’t.

Answer: In this region I should have a solid background in hunting and fishing. Also I would be always on the lookout for bears.

Even if you have a rifle, a bear can be very difficult to get. Shooting practice and skill is required, I have to learn to stay calm and do what needs to be done. I wouldn’t want to drop my rifle or make a mistake when a bear is charging at me.


An important food for people who were travelling or hunting was pemmican, a sort of energy bar made of berries and chopped meat, that people could eat without having to stop and cook anything.

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Answer:  Pemmican was a sort of energy bar: a lot of fat, sugar and protein to keep you going in winter if you were traveling or working hard.


No matter my location and what weather there will be,  if I make my own pemmican and have a decent reserve, it would be more easy for me to survive.

If I would get tired of eating this, I could always search for berries or go hunting. But the big difference would be that I won’t starve(at lest for a good period of time), and be pressured that I have nothing to eat.

This way I would make good, rational decisions and have the time to think and process.

I found a good presentation of how to make pemmican and what knowledge our ancestors had and applied in theirs lives here.  

This was a small demonstration of how to think and plan for the future. But there are many aspects of survival that you have to keep in mind.

How do I find water, how to find or build a shelter, how would I protect myself against people who will do me harm and so on.

You can’t be 100% covered, you never know what could happen, but the most important thing is to know yourself, know your limits and be able to adapt.

Feel free to leave a comment bellow. What do you think is most important in a survival situation and how do you prepare  for it?



Reference about the native American Indians is from http://quatr.us

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